About AAB

Since 2003, cooperation between several groups involved in research related to vinegar production, led to establish a network (Vinegar Research Network) with the general aim of bringing together specialized research teams with a view to solving the problems of such a multidisciplinary field

The network has demonstrated that this coordination is a very effective way of optimizing knowledge and resources for progressing in this branch of study.

Amongst the main objectives of this network were:

•To improve and support traditional foods and food processing/technology.
•To improve mutual relations among regional network members by promoting coordinated research activity guidelines and identifying weaknesses in current research lines.
•To share facilities, equipment and know-how.
•To conduct joint research projects.
•To organize training sessions and courses for researchers and industries in the vinegar sector, as well as to science and technology students (Enology, Industrial Microbiology, Food Technology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, and Engineering) interested in the matter.
•To improve collaboration between public research institutions and private companies: enterprises directly or indirectly involved in vinegar production and related services (R&D, production and quality assurance officials).
•To disseminate the results to vinegar producers.
•To facilitate integration into the network to any interested either new group or company.
•To adopt a formal commitment for coordination with a view to obtaining due acknowledgement from research management bodies.

Several scientific conferences:

•“Primeras Jornadas de I+d+I en la Elaboración de Vinagres de Vino”, Tarragona, Spain, 2003.
•“Vinegar and Acetic Bacteria. International Symposium”, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 2005.
•“Second Symposium on Research+Development+Innovation for Vinegar Production , Córdoba, Spain, 2006.
•“Second International Conference on Acetic Acid Bacteria”, Nagoya, Japan, 2008

facilitated the contact with researchers interested in a much basic and general approach to Acetic Acid Bacteria. The use of acetic acid bacteria (AAB) in foods, their potential for other new applications, and the challenge for unravelling their basic scientific aspects, have resulted in raising the interest on these microorganisms throughout the world.

The original interests of the Vinegar Research Network broadened as the above comments were taken into account. In fact, vinegar, though important, is just a particular product from acetic acid bacteria.

So, we realised the necessity of setting up a new Network not aimed only to a specific aspect regarding Acetic Acid Bacteria but to a general and basic approach: Acetic Acid Bacteria Research Network. The full spectrum of basic and applied research topics, including current trends and future applications, will be of interest for the Network.

This Network pretends to be an open forum to facilitate scientists, engineers, companies and any others interested in to get in contact for the interchange of results, discussion of ideas, to establish new collaborations and exploring the development of new processes based on the capabilities of these bacteria.

Finally, if the activity of your Research Group is inside the scope of Acetic Acid Bacteria and you feel this Network may help you in some way, do not hesitate in contact us


Acetic Acid Bacteria Research Network

Email: infoaab@uco.es