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Roman Lead was Cordovan

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Three ingots from the site of Los Escoriales de Doña Rama (Belmez) and dating from the Roman era demonstrate the importance of lead production and exportation in northern Cordoba

A team from the Department of Psychology at the UCO has translated into Spanish and validated a scale to evaluate binegativity with a gender perspective, and developed a reduced version that makes it more efficient

The Neolithic age – when agriculture and animal farming were adopted – has become one of the most widely studied periods of social and economic transition in recent years. It was a period that drove great change in the evolution of human society.

The research team has found the remains of 9 different camelids, making Córdoba one of the main sites featuring this animal on the Iberian Peninsula

The University of Cordoba has participated in an international study documenting post-mortem bone modifications not linked to consumption

An international team of archaeologists spent seven years verifying the exceptionality of the piece found in the Cordovan countryside, beforepresent it in the University of Cambridge's Journal of Roman Archaeology

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